RELIC aka REL MCCOY – The 13th with Fresh Kils

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This time, on the remix tip, Fresh Kils flips on the MPC TOUCH and Rel delivers butter verses for the heads. BLAPP!!!

Relic aka Rel McCoy – The 13th

The 13th, that’s the floor that you skip
in these days of fast forward, you don’t know what you missed
the 13th making sense out of pieces and bits
we came to fill in the blanks like this, now check it out…

Verse 1

Ring the alarm, I’ll snap you out of your cat nap
it’s time to get up, like graff,
from the hands of a writer squeezing a can of Montana flat black
get your fills from this fat cap
I tip my hat, and you’re welcome
back packers living in the past,
beleive that i’m the future’s what I’m tryna tell’em
I tried to reach back, but it’s too hard to help’em
scratch a flakey rapper, over your heads like Selsun
they grasping at the throne,
and I’m just trying to find the place that I fell from
your one-dimensional sensitive sentences, I never felt’em
it’s something to laugh at
I’m animated like Nelson, so ha ha..
true-school bully, hit up the track and it asked what you want from me
I said give me some respect and your lunch money
Fresh Kils Rel McCoy the 13th, we always get it done dummy

Verse 2

Here we go, don’t act like you don’t hear me tho
I may appear frozen in time, I’m just lyrically cold
cooler than Europa, these emcee actors are softer than a sofa
for lounging, I’m charging’em rent, call me Mr. Roper
superintendent in the basement of what I invent
it’s all emotion I creatively vent,
I made a pact with my man Fresh Kils to represent…
you ride lovers will feel the beat
when the rubber meets the road,
turn me up in the street and keep your windows rolled,
even when it’s cold, turn the heat to your feet, let’em know,
I’m the truth, not false like davinci code.
If you’re used to fictional flows, you’re now swimming upstream,
I’ll pull you out of the undertow.
Rel will rock more than just one approach, I seen the beauty in the rugged, and perversion in the wonderful.
It’s a blunderful time for some, they spent their days unwinding, now they wonder why they’re undone?
Rel McCoy will perfect the craft,
you should expect, nothing less than exceptional raps,
I’m telling you this, you best grab a hold of something quick,
it’s elementary, the watts in this will blast your radius.
We take this occasion to push your buttons, and change the outlook of those who don’t believe in nothing.


Yo thanks for watching. Feel free to leave questions in the comments.
I try to get back as quick as I can. Pz

Fresh Kils

Fresh Kils

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