RELIC aka REL MCCOY – Same Thing with Fresh Kils

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MPC TOUCH master Fresh Kils smashes this banger live, while Rel kicks butter verses on this 13th Floor track.


Relic aka Rel McCoy – The Same Thing

Verse 1
The same thing, like ink splash folded in half Rorschach
cheaters so eager to retreat when the test is the format
like text book to snap back ball cap,
I hit you with more math
Your style relates to a broken SM58 and I would really
see no need to ever record that
I signify your end like 5 riders on horse back
my style equates to the equator on your map, hot
like Gwenyth yeah Paltrow, I’m in your hemisphere now bro
but I ain’t talking about the globe or temporal lobes,
is that too scientific for a rapper’s ear?
I’m in your thermosphere, ionosphere, stratosphere, the rap-oshphere
pas the beer geek, it’s time for clear speak
your confusionism is losing with ’em
stay glued to the truth and do it for the living
there I just cut the ribbon, now come on let’s go…

Aint nothing changed but the year and I’m still here
What you saying? The same thing

Verse 2
Been saying the same thing since a musical infant
hip hop left an imprint, beautiful instinct
out to saran the whole package of these plastic rappers one time
chuck the cookie cutter, freeze ’em in a line
style crush’em, squeeze the juice, sip and spit a punch line
catch a tan at my show, feel the heat in the front line and second row
the father of a brighter style I thought of,
and now you sleeping while the sunshines yo
I’m never fronting on the function, it’s just something I know
the hunger never fails, chewing up rails in the track,
spit a bed of nails and lay low
snoozing on me? still get my point, feel the poke
pinch your self, stay awoke
loop the break, get my fix, but I ain’t broke,
like your left over smoke yo, I remain dope tho
a decorated general, you mundane sort know the deal
so I’m saying now, what would you come plain for?


Yo thanks for watching. Feel free to leave questions in the comments.
I try to get back as quick as I can. Pz

Fresh Kils

Fresh Kils

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