RELIC aka REL MCCOY – Goin Up with Fresh Kils

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Fresh Kils smashes on the MPC TOUCH, Rel hits hard with this Toronto hip hop heavy!

Rel McCoy – Goin Up

we aim for the skys and up
10 miles aint high enough
reaching to places your eyes can’t touch then what?
we keep on rising

we came thru to light it up
sun rays don’t blaze like us
here space and time means nothing now what?
we just keep flying

hit the top button elevate with the kid
and disengage from every weight that keeps you caged in your crib
now that ain’t no way to live, tied up, wise up
rise up, let me show you where the place to be is
its the floor, superstitious insecure people miss it
but 12 and 14 don’t touch, so what is it?
a mystery to lesser men, but we define what’s missing the better and
look boss, you’re already at a loss if you chose to stop questioning
ask em. you can’t find a finer specimen
of symbiotic hip hop juggernaut concoction on some higher direction
like, heaven meets earth we’re the Nephilim
giving birth to giants tracks stepping in
we making rubble of your residence, represent then jettison
returning when the beg us saying bring back the medicine
excuse me? we kissing the sky, here’s the evidence


Yo thanks for watching. Feel free to leave questions in the comments.
I try to get back as quick as I can. Pz

Fresh Kils

Fresh Kils

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