RELIC aka REL MCCOY – 1 Plus 1 with Fresh Kils

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Fresh Kils remix flip.. chopping up Kaytranada in the beat while Rel kicks ill verses.

“One Plus One” from the album “The Green Light”
Relic – One Plus One (3rd verse omitted.. check the album version to hear verse 3)

Verse 1

What am I doing here anyway?
a pen a paper plus a mic help me demonstrate
integrated in the fabric of me is an immaculate gift to emcee
yo it had to be
I lavish elaborate words off the brain
the satisfaction is mutual, we’re one and the same
I’m running in your veins like adrenaline rush,
caress your sentiments with a gentlemen’s touch
I grip the pen again, because it meant too much
from the first time, had me like a cobra clutch
I opened up to a trust level, not your regular stuff,
me and Kils are outstanding when the dust settles
I got one leg up on competition, like a dog pissing
raining down on your position
the number 2 be a love mission, I got a reason for existing listen..


Verse 2
It’s got to be 2 like Rob and Eazy,
me without you will leave both of us needy,
a lyricist, without a ear that will hear him spit,
is like a 8-track or beta max tape, since the
double-08 it’s useless, we fire in twos like the
arrows of cupid
you’re only in love with yourself you’re stupid,
and caught in a loop that no one else will have anything to do with
you’ll stay lonely, like the single digit
ask these one hit wonders for the proof,
they admit, the difference between luck and skill,
I stay filled with it, they say I’m ill with it
I treat a rhyme like a solid brick,
each song is a house, my album’s a community I build with it
so move in, take residence in what I invent,
you and I, we’ll make it happen, I’ll throw in my two cents.

Yo thanks for watching. Feel free to leave questions in the comments.
I try to get back as quick as I can. Pz

Fresh Kils

Fresh Kils

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